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What is an online proxy?

The internet today is a blessing, but it can turn out to be the opposite. Whenever you are surfing on the internet, you must take measures to protect your information from falling in the wrong hands. That is why using a free online proxy is the best way to surf anonymously, you evade hackers, and you can bypass online blocks and access content set to be viewed by locals only.

If you want to surf privately, using a free online proxy is the safest way. But then what is a web proxy? It is a way of hiding your IP address from the websites you visit. Web proxies are more like search engines, making them easy to access. When you use a proxy, your real location isn’t exposed. The websites you visit makes it seem like you are accessing the sites from another location which is instead exposed.

Think of a web proxy as a shield between you and the sites you visit. If you suspect someone is tracking your internet traffic, use a free online proxy, and surf privately. All your web searches are hidden from your ISP and anyone else who might be monitoring your web traffic. This is the only way to keep your private information safe from falling in the wrong hands.

If you have a computer at home and you need to control the internet usage of your kids, use a free online proxy. This way, you can monitor how the kids are using the internet. The same applies to organizations whose employees use work computers to access certain sites. The free online proxy can be configured in a way that you are denied access to specific websites. When you try to access these sites, the browser redirects you to a message asking you not to look at these sites on the company’s network.

Using a free online proxy is easy and adds a level of security. They are also much easier to use as compared to other proxies that you have to manually set up with a specific IP address and port number. The free online proxies are used on the web when accessing websites on your internet browser.

If you want added security like backend encryption, improved internet speeds, and bandwidth savings, the free online proxy might not do all this, and you might be required to get premium proxy services. However, to easily keep your information safe and your web traffic private, use a free online proxy.